Hungarian Grand Surprise team looking for a charter GS for Bol d’Or 2023

“Jottment” is a Grand Surprise that is being sailed on Lake Balaton, Hungary since 2017 by a committed team.

The team has a little Facebook fan page, just in case you wish to see a few photos of the boat and team.

The team has been eager for a while to participate on the Bol d’Or Regatta on Lake Geneva.

We are looking for any option to charter/rent a Grand Surprise locally, so we may not need to arrange our own boat’s delivery back and forth, which would require significant effort in terms of route permits, disassembly of keel, etc.

We are open to get in contact with any Lake Geneva Grand Surprise owner, who might be willing to charter their boat. We could obviously bring our own standard sails, so “only” a bare boat is requested. We might also appreciate the owner to participate in the race with us having local navigational/weather knowledge.

The team speaks fluent English. French is limited.

Please contact: